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BPO is Business Process Outsourcing; this involves outsourcing processes that are not core to a company but are relevant and essential for the company’s smooth operation. For many businesses, customer acquisition and retention is key to the success of the business. These are heavily driven by customer experience from time of brand interaction to service or product purchase and consumption.

Consumer experience is managed and controlled by the different processes in the service or product line, some core and others not core.

SINFA has the ability to manage all data related organisation functions that are not part of a company’s core competences but are relevant for the success of the business. We focus on maximising efficiency and ensuring better customer experience in a controlled environment.

Unlike with Knowledge management, process management works best in business areas that are non-competitive & non-strategic and competitive and non-strategic as seen below.

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SINFA BPO products are:

  1. Data entry: This is the electronic entry of data into a system or computer programme. For example legal data, numeric data, Ms Access data, handwritten data, surveys and questionnaire data, insurance data, process forms.
  2. Data processing: This is carrying out operations on data to retrieve, transform, and classify it. It involves collection, aggregation, analysis, validation, sorting, reporting and manipulation. For example catalogue and product profile processing, data capture & extraction, data mining and form, image & survey processing.
  3. Data conversion: This is the change of data from one file type to another. For example business cards & Ebook, catalogues, documents, audio transcription, image & document tagging.

In addition to having 20 working centers in 6 districts, we still have the ability to scale and relocate our human resource based on client needs.

SINFA also has the capacity to handle projects originating from both local and international markets; particularly in the international space, there are diverse engagements with clients from the American and European markets and this is a result of their confidence in the enterprise’s highly efficient and reliable operations.

SINFA BPO offers a unique CSR approach to its clients. As a social enterprise, SINFA is mandated to give back to communities in which we operate. SINFA engages in training and hiring of youth as micro workers at all our centers. This has provided learning and income earning opportunities to this youth. To date, 600 youths have directly earned a livelihood by providing labour in micro work. Another approximately 1500 people have also benefited as dependents of the micro workers.

SINFA’s BPO wing is scalable, reliable, fast, accurate and secure.

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SINFA is a for profit social enterprise, providing commercial services that address the needs of the local communities in northern Uganda. Since its inception, SINFA has rolled out services that directly and indirectly provide employment opportunities and information in areas of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)... Read details

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